Monki Gras returns for its fourth outing as an intimate event from the RedMonk stable. The conference will take place on January 29th and 30th at The Village Hall, Shoreditch–an event space on one of London’s premier addresses, Hoxton Square.

The theme at Monki Gras 2015 will be a little different – we’re examining Nordic Craft and Culture and we’ll celebrate craft tech, craft beer and craft coffee and the best in Nordic and Scandinavian food. RedMonk’s Co-founder,  James Governor aka @monkchips will host this 2 day event.  We will have the finest smoked salmon, best cinnamon rolls, and so on. Even the coffee will be imported.

This year our core theme is the rise of the Nordics in building the web and many of the best experiences in the digital world. Consider for example that three of the letters in LAMP were written by Nordic individuals.

Confirmed speakers include

Jason Hoffman, head of product line, that is, runs cloud at Ericsson will be giving us a Lilyhammer view of his first few months in Sweden after leaving San Francisco.

Joonas Lehtinen, founder of Vaadin – Software Design in the Nordics. Hacking When It’s Cold.

Per Buer, CTO of Varnish Software, the inventor of the popular Varnish Cache tool, will be explaining how there is no “Nordic” – each country has its own distinct characters, with a little HTTP engineering thrown in.

Linda Sandvik, OpenNews, cofounded CodeClub – There is no Shame in Turning Around. notes on tech and the Norwegian Culture/Psyche.

Following on from the tech tracks on Day One, attendees will be treated to fine craft beers and outstanding food. We’ll focus on showcasing the wonderful beers from the world leading Nordic craft beer scene.

Day Two will have more amazing talks, but also more “corridor time”. We will amp the networking time with a Monki Gras Social. Expect extraordinary coffee, hangover cures and great conversation.

Why Sponsor?

Besides being the first and only event of its kind blending craft themes, beer and technology in the UK, Monki Gras is an exclusive, high profile developer and practitioner conference.  It’s a unique opportunity to reach an elite audience of technical resources that transcend traditional developer categories. You can’t find a crowd like this anywhere else in the world. We have a DevOps specialist that travels from Hawaii every year to be here!

This is the fourth year of running Monki Gras and it will be a much talked about event, online and off. By sponsoring it, you can be part of that conversation. Please contact Juliane Leary (juliane@redmonk.com) for details of sponsorship opportunities.


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