Call For Talks

At Monki Gras we want talks that have never been given elsewhere.

We’re all about Going Meta – this is not a single theme conference, this is a place where you’ll find stories and surprising links between and across disciplines.

Our 2016 theme is Packaging: Convenience is the killer app for developer and user experiences.

We want talk proposals that straddle technical and cultural, with the idea of “packaging” as a jumping off point for a discussion of creating great products and services.

We’re very interested in talks about packaging in the open source software sense – think Docker, NPM, apt-get, but also at the more meta level.

The internet, particularly the cloud, and innovations around mass customisation in manufacturing are changing the game in design, product and service management.

We are particularly keen to encourage diversity in our speakers and community. If you haven’t given a conference talk before so much the better – we’d love to hear from you. We’ll work with you before the event to help prepare for it, our community is very  warm and welcoming.

2 thoughts on “Call For Talks

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to follow up on my paper submission . I received some feedback but I don’t know whether the paper has been accepted. I am trying to arrange another meeting for the end of Jan and I would appreciate knowing if my paper has been accepted and when I need to be there.

    PS. If the paper is accepted then some information on file format, length, style etc. would be helpful.

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