Monki Gras 2014!

It’s very nearly that time again, folks. That’s right – Monki Gras returns on January 30/31 2014, in a new, intimate and awesome venue – The Village Hall, Shoreditch.

The theme this year is Sharing Craft.

How can one discipline inform and improve another? How is practitioner knowledge shared in real life, past the traditional rubbish about “best practices”. How does a community create a shared culture and values in order to be effective and sustainable?

Massive top down efforts to define models and languages continue to fail – with the collapse of Waterfall methodology, the ongoing irrelevance of theoretical lingua franca such as UML.

But social coding is changing everything, and the new world is based on better sharing of mores and methods. Code is Craft, and can be shared accordingly.

Agile, DevOps, DataOps – the new cross cutting approaches to problem solving.

This exclusive event will feature some of the best and brightest people in the industry, as both attendees and speakers. We aim for an inclusive, community feel, where everyone has a voice and something to add to the conversation. But for great speakers look no further.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi of Jenkins fame will be back again, after his stunning talk two years ago. Other speaker alumni will be the incomparable and kick ass Leisa Reichelt, now head of user research at the UK Government Digital Service, and Steve Citron-Pousty, talking science . But don’t worry – we’ll have also plenty of new speakers and AMAZING surprises, authors, brewers and photographers sharing their own craft.  But if you want a list of speakers, you should probably check out that page.

Following on from talks on day one, attendees will be treated to an EPIC beer and food matching adventure, a world tour of tastes, flavours and textures. If you don’t know Belgian sours you will after Monki Gras. I have a special secret location for the party again this year, which promises to be a mind-blowing place to hang out and have fun. Alumni will know how much fun we had a the brewery last year. This year is going to be way cooler.

Day 2 will have more amazing talks, but also more “corridor time”. I want to amp the networking time with a Monki Gras Social. Expect extraordinary coffee, hangover cures and great conversation.

As ever, we believe people, rather than industrial processes, create the best outcomes in software development. Monki Gras celebrates both tech craft and craft beer – and craft coffee of course. From agile to new application lifecycle management, devops to distributed development, developer relations to Social IT, Github to governance, we’ll be looking at what makes organisations effective in building products and services that users love.

3 thoughts on “Monki Gras 2014!

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Gena and I am a student interested in technology. I would like to attend your event at the beginning of next year, and I am wondering whether there is a student discount, as i cannot afford the full price ticket. If you can let me know of any special offers, i would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you much.


      1. Hello,

        My university degree is in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts in the US, and am currently enrolled in a fulltime CFA course with Kaplan as I am interested to work in technology in the financial industry.



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