Kevin Smith


Co-founder & CTO at Operable. Kevin’s decision to co-found Operable followed stints at Alert Logic, Red Hat, lulu.com, and OpsCode/Chef.

Erica Brescia


Co-founder and COO of Bitnami. Linux Foundation Board of Directors.  Y-Combinator Alumni, previously at Bitrock.

Emily Quinton


Photographer, Blogger, Mother…Maker. Editor and Founder of Makelight

Abby Kearns


Executive Director at Cloud Foundry Foundation. Abby’s career has spanned product marketing, product management, and consulting at a mix of Fortune 500 and startup companies, including Pivotal and Verizon. Abby enjoys posting up at her local coffee shop, indulging in food and wine, and spending time with her husband and son.

Austen Collins


Founder, Serverless, Inc.

Arianna Aondio


Field engineer and technical trainer Varnish Software Group, Varnish Cache contributor. Arianna holds a Bachelors Degree in Engineering of computing systems from the Politecnico di Milano University. When Arianna is not busy writing code, she is likely to be travelling or taking part in outdoor sports.

Kiyoto Tamura


VP of marketing, Treasure Data. Kiyoto is a hacker at heart. Do-ocracy, not bureaucracy. Show, not tell. Explain, not complain.

2012-2014: Proverbial 1st Employee
2014-2015: Fluentd community lead
2015-present: Head of Marketing

Samiya Parvez


Chief Family Officer and founder, managing interactions with families for Andiamo – a service design startup providing 3d scanning and printing orthotics for children. Samiya is also a member of the Waltham Forest Parent Forum, which aims to provide feedback on the development and direction of services for disabled children, young people, and key policy makers in the borough.

Guy Podjarny

Photo by Trav Williams, Broken Banjo Photography, www.BrokenBanjo.net

Cofounder at Snyk.io, focusing on securing open source code. Guy – aka @guypod – was previously CTO at Akamai and founder of Blaze.io, and worked on the first web app firewall & security code analyzer. Guy is a frequent conference speaker, the author of “Responsive & Fast”, “High Performance Images” and the upcoming “Securing Open Source Code”.

Claire Giordano


Product Management Director | Leader | UX Advocate | Problem Solver | Speaker | Writer | Innovator. Ex Quantum and Amazon A9.

Colin Charles


Colin Charles is the Chief Evangelist at Percona. He was previously on the founding team of MariaDB Server in 2009, and had worked at MySQL since 2005, and been a MySQL user since 2000. Before joining MySQL, he worked actively on the Fedora and OpenOffice.org projects. He’s well known within open source communities in APAC, and has spoken at many conferences.

Alexis Richardson


Co-founder and CEO of Weaveworks. Alexis is also the chairman of the TOC for CNCF, and the co-founder of the Coed:Code meetups. Previously he was at Pivotal, as head of products for Spring, RabbitMQ, Redis, Apache Tomcat and vFabric. Alexis was responsible for resetting the product direction of Spring and transitioning the vFabric business from VMware. Alexis co-founded RabbitMQ, and was CEO of the Rabbit company acquired by VMware in 2010.

David Pollak


Founder of the Funcatron Project (multi-cluster serverless) and Lift (Scala) frameworks. David is a recovering evangelizer of early technology (NextStep, Java, Scala). Lawyer. Twin Dad. Cat Herder.

Roslyn Scott


Founder of MobiCycle. Roslyn drives strategy for all products including the company’s IoT products including MobiBins, Sensors4Bins, and E-Advisor.  She has over 20 years experience in the technology, telecoms and retail sectors across product development, commercial and technology roles

Ben Nickolls


The other guy at and . Part time game designer and co founder of .

Gordon Haff


Technology Evangelist at Red Hat. Gordon works on product strategy, writes about trends and technologies, and is a frequent speaker at customer and industry events on topics including DevOps, IoT, cloud computing, containers, and next-generation application architectures. Author of Computing Next: How the Cloud Opens the Future. Prior to Red Hat, he worked as an industry analyst. Earlier he worked in product management at Data General.

Alvaro Videla


Works as a Distributed Systems Engineer and previously was a Core Developer for RabbitMQ. Before moving to Europe Alvaro worked in Shanghai where he helped build one of Germany biggest dating websites. He co-authored the book “RabbitMQ in Action” for Manning Publishing. Some of his open source projects can be found here. Apart from code related stuff he likes travelling with his wife, listening/playing music and
reading books. You can find him on Twitter as @old_sound.


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