Charity Majors

charity majors

Charity is a cofounder and engineer at Honeycomb.io, a startup that blends the speed of time series with the raw power of rich events to give you interactive, iterative debugging of complex systems. She has worked at companies like Facebook, Parse, and Linden Lab, as a systems engineer and engineering manager, but always seems to end up responsible for the databases. Loves free speech, free software and a nice peaty single malt.

Chas Emerick


Chas is founder of PDFDATA.io, instigator of its technology, infrastructure, marketing, and customer success efforts. Solving the PDF data recovery problem.

Catherine Dixon

Catherine Dixon

Catherine Dixon is a designer, writer and teacher. As a designer she works mostly with text-based projects, including typographic covers for the award-winning ‘Great Ideas’ series for Penguin Books. Catherine writes regularly on letterforms in environmental contexts, contributing to the website http://www.publiclettering.org.uk, and co-authored the book Signs: lettering in the environment.

Mazz Mosley

mazz mosley

Lead backend engineer @unmadeworks. Cares about Tech leadership. Python. DevOps. MazzOps. Emoji. Does not tolerate shitlords.

Dormain Drewitz


Dormain fell in love with printmaking before graduating high school. Even as she toiled for over five years as an investment analyst, she spent her weekends in a shared studio, at the press. Today, she is a Director of Product and Customer Marketing with Pivotal. Naturally, Dormain holds a B. A. in History from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Lars Trieloff

larsLars call himself a Slowgrammer and Principal at Adobe. He does open source and developer stuff. Likes OpenWhisk.



Pia Mancini


Pia is a democracy activist, open source sustainer, and co-founder at Open Collective. Chair of DemocracyEarth Foundation. Pia worked in politics in Argentina and developed technology for democracy around the world. YC Alum, globe-trotter and Roma’s mum. Now based in NYC.

Mandy Whaley

mandy whaley

Mandy is director of Developer Experience at Cisco. Interested in all things that help developers – tools, APIs, docs, frameworks. novice drummer, mom of 2 boys!

Jessica Rose

jessica rose

Jessica Rose is a technologist obsessed with fostering more equal access to technical education and meaningful work in technology. She’s founded the Open Code meetup series, co-founded Trans*Code and runs the Pursuit Podcast.

Gemma Adams

gemma atkinson.jpgGemma is a facilitator, futurist, strategy designer. Passionate about co-creating spaces for transformation she works with organisations and social movements to tackle the root causes of problems in society. Founder of the Living Grid: reimagining the future of energy by learning from the living energy ecosystem that exists on our planet.

Joni Saylor

Image result for joni saylorJoni is a Design Principal and Master Inventor, on a mission to build a sustainable culture of design at IBM. She currently directs IBM’s Design Thinking practice, with a focus on inspiring adoption of human-centered approaches across IBM’s teams and clients. Saylor has held senior positions in design research and industrial design and previously co-taught the InnovationSpace studio at Arizona State University. She lives in Austin, TX.

Aneel Lakhani


Aneel is vice president of marketing at Honeycomb.io. He lives in SF and drinks way too much coffee. An engineer turned go-to-market geek, after 20+ years in operations and analytics type things, he’s here for people and beverages.

Oliver Wayman

ollie wayman

Oliver co-founded Bottletop, the ethical fashion company, with the goal of using sustainable luxury design to alleviate poverty by empowering local artisans. Bottletop’s signature material is a metal ‘fabric’ created from up-cycled ring pulls woven together in Brazil to make artisanal fashion accessories. He recently created the world’s first 3D printed store made from recycled plastic on Regent St.

Kresse Wesling, MBE


Kresse launched Elvis & Kresse, which turns industrial waste into innovative lifestyle products and returns 50% of profits to charities related to the waste. Elvis & Kresse’s first line is made from decommissioned fire hose, 50% of the profits from this line are donated to the Fire Fighters Charity.The company now collects 12 different waste streams, has several charitable partnerships and collaborates across industries.

David Giusti

dave giustiDavid runs the digital business at Blackhorse Lane Ateliers: London’s only craft jeans maker. Prior to that, he spent 11 years in product management building fashion, music and TV experiences for mobile, web and desktop, at prestigious tech companies Lyst, Shazam, and Microsoft. David holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Texas, Austin.

Olivia Pinnock

olivia pinnockOlivia is a freelance writer and passionate advocate for sustainable fashion. In 2016 she founded The Fashion Debates, a series of panel discussion events exploring issues of ethics in the industry. She also lectures in fashion journalism and marketing at London Metropolitan University and Norwich University of the Arts.

Lucy Rogers

lucy rogersLucy is a Maker, an engineer and Fellow of the IMechE and a problem solver. She is adept at bringing ideas to life,
She is one of the leading cheerleaders for the Maker Industry and is Maker-in-Chief for the Guild of Makers (www.guildofmakers.org).

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