Monki Gras

January 26-27, 2017

RedMonk’s annual UK conference about Software, Craft, and Experiences.

We strive to create a warm, diverse and welcoming environment to meet new people, learn and share stories. This year’s theme is

Packaging: convenience is the killer app for great developer and user experiences.

Packaging to delight the user. Packaging to define the developer experience. Packaging to make services and technology more accessible.

Great packaging is the basis for all effective product and community management today. Whether in open source, cloud, consumer or business to business services, the companies that are really successful it are masters at packaging.

Apple is the most effective packaging company of our era – it didn’t invent the technologies in its phones and devices – it was however revolutionary in how it packaged services, software and hardware together for the end-user.

Uber isn’t a ride sharing or car hailing app – it’s movement-around-a-city packaged for insane convenience.

Docker took LXC, an arcane Linux technology, and made it consumable for millions of developers, becoming the hottest player in software development.

At Monki Gras we’ll be exploring these different notions of packaging and more – bringing together designers, developers and architects. Some of our talks will be technical, but also expect histories of packaging and a how to guide to creating lovely illustrations of your craft.

Of course being Monki Gras we will continue to explore parallels between the microbrewery and craft coffee revolutions and artisan food movements and what’s happening with software and startups.

So we’ve had the idea of running a Monki Gras about the craft of effective packaging for a while now, so it’s time to roll it out into production.

Packaging creates experiences, in pulling technology to create new products and services, but also in the wider culture – it’s an incredibly important discipline, which we plan to explore this year. Of course craft beer and coffee will be an important part of the mix.

See more about speakers here.

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