Monki Gras 2018

Monki Gras is an independent, community-focused single track conference in London on the 1st and 2nd February 2018. Our theme is Sustaining Craft – with unique talks on sustainability and maintainability of communities, projects, products, skills and services.

So much of modern life is about convenience and disposability. But our throwaway culture has a significant, often-unrecognised cost. Just think of all the plastic on the last beach you went to. In this conference you’ll find thought-provoking talks about better sustaining what we make and do, from a variety of perspectives.

Many of the open source projects we use every day, for example, are maintained by one person – but who is supporting the maintainers? The maintenance problem is not just about software. Capitalism is terrible at maintenance. We’re so busy talking about “innovation” that we forgot the foundations need to be built and maintained.

When we build infrastructure how can design it to respect the people that will come after us to use and maintain it. Sustaining Craft is about more than technology. It’s about the right choice of materials, the right choice of tools. It’s about learning and teaching new skills. It’s about great documentation. It’s about business models, stubbornness and building communities that last. We’ll cover topics such as apprenticeship, community management, writing sustainable documentation, software archaeology, sustainable open source, hop farming, and typefaces.

As ever we’ll draw parallels between software and craft beer, startup and artisan culture. We’ll have amazing brewers presenting their wares, and learn about how our suppliers are creating sustainable businesses and experiences.


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