Day One

10.00 Monkchips Intro
10.10 Adam Rogers of DeskBeers
10.30 Seth Thomas ‘Digital Haberdashery and the Power of Community’
10.50 Nick O’Leary ‘A tale of getting stuff done when you’re 1 in 400,000.’

11.10 COFFEE

11.40 Jon Smith ‘From a side project to product: Bringing customisable labels to homebrewers’
12.00 David Mytton ‘From law school to SaaS systems monitoring. A practical guide to using your student loan to convert a side project into a business’
12.20 Tessa Cole of Coleman Cider
12.40 Stuart Harrison ‘Internal side projects (Or: Loving would be easy if your commas were all correct)’


2.30 Monkchips
2.40 Adrian Cole ‘When a project leaves the nest. Community driven development and OpenZipkin’
3.00 Anne Currie & Liz Rice ‘Chaotic or Evil? The psychology of scaling side projects and other important things’
3.20 KellyAnn Fitzpatrick


4.20 Emily Quinton ‘Building Makelight while also being a mum of four’
4.40 Samiya Parvez of Andiamo
5.00 Bill Petersen MapR
5.20 Alex Fleetwood ‘Sensible Object – games that bridge the physical and digital’
5.40 Evin O’Riordain on the Kernel Brewery


Felix Cohen

The evening will be a beer and wine tasting with amazing food, and an evening of stacking game play, including the as yet un-launched digital/physical hybrid Fabulous Beasts.

Day Two –

10.00 Monkchips
10.10 Ant Stanley ‘Scaling your side project and the people you should avoid…’
10.30 Abby Millward ‘The story behind how and why I made my own knitting software’
11.00 Sven Knop of Perforce ‘Not a Unicorn’

11.10 COFFEE

11.40 Kathrin Bohm
11.55 Andrew Schein Toast Ale
12.10 Joelle Nebbe-Mornod Alpine Wines
12.20 Diane Mueller ‘Inspiring the Next Generation: The GetMakered Project’
12.40 Scott Feinberg ‘PaperCall from idea to full fledged side project’
1:00 Steph Gray ‘Ephemerals’


Tessa Cole
Elco of BrewPi
Mitch Adams London Brewing Co

The Monki Gras social, where we’ll have some fun craft activities you probably haven’t tried before, and we’ll have the homebrew beer competition.

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