1. Thursday, January 26th

    Day 1

  2. 9:15

    coffee breakfast and registration

  3. 10:00

    Stephen O’Grady – cofounder RedMonk

    Convenience is the killer app

    Kevin Smith

    Arianna Aondio – Field engineer Varnish Software Group

    Sorry, but wouldn’t package-free be the most convenient?

    In her talk, Arianna will share her experience with handling a process of slimming down packaging versions and the challenges that introduces. Supporting customers during upgrades, when the OS looks for four packages and only finds two… and Arianna needs to foot the bill. She will share her views on technologies such as virtualisation, containers and AWS and how they will help her, her team and her employer on the path to a “package-free” future.”

    Arianna Aondio

  4. 11:00

    coffee by AWS

  5. 11:40

    Kevin Smith – CTO at Operable

    Kevin Smith

    Kiyoto Tamura – VP of marketing

    Packaging Ecosystems: How to make your open source project matter

    Let’s face it: most open source projects die. “For every Rails, Docker and React, there are thousands of projects that never take off. They die in the lonely corners of GitHub, only to be discovered by bots scanning for SSH private keys.

    Over the last 5 years, I worked on and off on marketing a piece of infrastructure middleware called Fluentd. We tried many things to ensure that it did not die: From speaking at events, speaking to strangers, giving away stickers, making people install Fluentd on their laptop. Most everything I tried had a small, incremental effect, but there were several initiatives/hacks that raised Fluentd’s awareness to the next level. As I listed up these “ideas that worked”, I noticed the common thread: they all brought Fluentd into a new ecosystem via packaging.”

    Kiyoto Tamura

    Samiya Parvez – Andiamo co founder

    Samiya Parvez

  6. 13:00


  7. 14:30

    Claire Giordano

    Packaging—and the Gone Girl With The Dragon Tattoo On The Train

    Through the centuries, technology advances in the ‘packaging’ of the written word have enabled information to be shared with more and more people. From the days of clay tablets and manuscripts, followed by the invention of the printing press and the first books and newspapers, packaging has been instrumental in improving production efficiencies, distribution channels, and the ease by which people access information. Today, books can be downloaded to your Kindle in seconds; news can be had on your Twitter app in near real-time; and the Economist now plans to start a weekend edition on Snapchat Discover. And then there is Github, a site known as “catnip for coders” which enables software to be made, edited, packaged, shared, and downloaded. It seems the best packaging—for ideas and information, as well as software—is packaging that enables convenience. Convenience kills it every time.

    Claire Giordano

    Bridget McErlean – Bitnami

    Packaging a great user experience, starting with our teams

    As software developers, we think a lot about how to create a great user experience for our customers, but what enables us to achieve that goal? In this talk, we will explore the importance of packaging and convenience in creating a great developer experience within our teams and how that can help us ship better software and create that better experience for our users.

    Claire Giordano

    Colin Charles – Chief Evangelist at Percona

    Colin Charles

  8. 15:40

    coffee by AWS

  9. 16:20

    David Pollak – Founder of the Funcatron Project

    David Pollak

    Jonathan Boulle

    CoreOS – container orchestration and the player piano

  10. 17:30

    meet the brewer

  11. 17:45

    close for breakdown

  12. 19:15


    Game, design Q&A

  13. Friday, January 27th

    Day 2

  14. 9:00

    craft coffee and hot breakfast

  15. 10:00

    Roslyn Scott – Founder of MobiCycle

    Roslyn Scott

  16. 10:20

    Panel on packaging in open source – projects, products and platforms the role of foundations, platforms and governance in creating and sustaining software services. Alexis Richardson CEO of Weaveworks. Abby Kearns Executive Director at Cloud Foundry Foundation. Erica Brescia COO of Bitnami. Tracy Miranda, Kichwa Coders.

  17. 11:20

    coffee by Weaveworks

  18. 12:00

    Alvaro Videla

    Metaphors We Compute By

    We think in words, we talk with words, we understand the world thanks to words. Metaphors take words to the next level explaining concepts that were escaping our understanding before. In 1980 George Lakoff revolutionised the Linguistic and Philosophic worlds when he studied how metaphors affect our thinking, how they influence our actions and even shape who we are. What happens with the metaphors that we use in the Software Industry?

    In this talk we are going to review the importance that metaphors have in our code quality, in the algorithms we choose, and the products we ship.

    As a practical example we are going to see why Microservices and Containers have been so successful in the past couple of years. We’ll try to understand why they have redefined how we package and ship products in our industry.

    Guy Podjarny – Cofounder at

    Guy Podjarny

    Austen Collins – Founder, Serverless, Inc.

    Austen Collins

  19. 13:00

    quick break to grab a beer

  20. 13:10

    Gordon Haff – Technology Evangelist at Red Hat

    A Short History of Packaging

    Big changes are well underway in how software gets packaged and delivered. But even relatively modern takes on packaging goods and services for sale and consumption go back hundreds of years. In this talk, Gordon Haff will take you on a whirlwind tour of packaging. What forms has packaging taken? What problems were being solved? What kinds of trade-offs need to be made? What lessons can we learn? The goal is to step back from specific technology and consider the fundamental objectives and solutions involved in moving from disaggregated one-off things to bundled, standardized, or homogenized packaged goods. And don’t worry. This isn’t another talk about container ships.

    Gordon Haff

  21. 13:30

    lunch and Monki Gras Social

    Brewer intro

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