We have been lucky to foster a diverse group of people in our community since starting Monki Gras, and do our very best to create a conference environment in which everyone feels welcome.

This year we are once again running our diversity and inclusion programme, which not only includes a free ticket to the conference, but is designed to support folks from under-represented groups before, during and after the event. We are also this year focusing more specifically on people with accessibility needs. For example we will have captioning services for all talks at the event. Please let us know if you have any other special accessibility needs in order to get the most out of our talks.

We provide mentors and a community welcome. The idea is to do more than just give away a free ticket to the event. We want to lower barriers to participation, and help create opportunities for people.

Please apply here.

Our definition of under-represented groups is tech is intentionally wide. We don’t exclude anyone on the basis of ability, class, colour, gender or creed.

This year we want to do a much better job of accessibility. Please let us know about any ability needs you have, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate them.