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Monki Gras 2017 Conference Recaps

Some of our 2017 Monki Gras attendees shared their thoughts about the event. We’re gathering their write ups here for convenient reference. Enjoy! Documentally – Monki Gras 2017 If you want to get a multi-media feel for the conference, look no further than the amazing coverage of the event by Documentally. Video, photos, text and […]

Packaging and graphical “voice”

Putting this conference together we’ve been thinking a lot about the visual design and voice involved in creating experiences. We’re working with a different designer this year, Sarah Mcdonnell, who has created many amazing designs for big brands. The graphical language for Monki Gras has come together really nicely and now we’re applying to your […]

It’s a Wrap like Aphrodite

So Monki Gras was all the fun! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We had BEER MADE FROM BREAD. A FILM PREMIERE. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. SLIDES MADE OF PUREST EMOJI. FABULOUS BEASTS. AND DON’T FORGET THE CHEESE MOUNTAIN. We’ve finally sorted out all the video ready for your pleasure and delectation, and […]

Foods and Drinks and More Talks

This year we have a list of suppliers that aren’t just local, make really tasty food and drink, and fit into the theme of side project to main projects to companies. We’ve also had an entirely new theme emerge. Food and drink are always a big part of monkigras. It’s not just about keeping everyone […]

Renaissance Brewing: The Kernel Brewery, London

Our first confirmed speaker this year was Evin O’Riordain. Monki Gras has featured his beers before, but we’ve never persuaded him to speak though I have asked him a few times – he’s not exactly a marketing kind of person. This year however he volunteered to talk, which is a huge privilege. I think he […]